Inform Direct product update – August 2016

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Our development team have been flat out working on new features. As ever, you can keep an eye on what’s coming up on our software timeline. But here’s what’s new in Inform Direct right now!

Minutes and resolutions for share transactions

Every company has to produce minutes of directors’ meetings. In the company’s life, there’ll also be all sorts of other events when important documents need to be produced.

That’s particularly true when dealing with share transfers, allotments of shares and the whole host of other share transactions that are already supported by Inform Direct.

Produce amazing company documents in Inform Direct

Inform Direct produces an enormous range of minutes, resolutions, forms, letters and other documents - all at the touch of a button

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Now, whenever you complete a process in Inform Direct related to the company’s shares, as well as share certificates and any required Companies House forms you’ll now be offered a range of useful documents.  These will be automatically populated with the information you’ve entered in the process, so there’s no need for you to re-enter any data. It makes producing minutes, resolutions, forms and letters incredibly straightforward.

So, for example, when you record a share transfer in Inform Direct you’ll be able to create fully pre-populated documents including the J30 (or J10) stock transfer form, a written resolution to approve the share transfer and/or board minutes recording the transfer. That’s on top of the share certificates and company registers that Inform Direct already automatically creates for you.

  • J30
  • Cancellation of treasury shares minute
  • Written consent to variation of class rights

All our templates have been produced and reviewed by our company secretarial experts. And like all documents in Inform Direct, as well as being fully compliant our new suite of minutes and other documents also look amazing. Where appropriate, a company’s logo can also be added to personalise the documents even further.

When you’ve produced a document, it’s automatically tagged and saved to your company’s personal document library. So there’s no need to save each document you produce and it’s always available if you need to refer to it later.

As a Pay as You Go user, you can choose whether or not you want to buy one or more documents as part of one of our simple step by step wizards. Subscribers can produce all the new documents produced within our processes for free, so a simple monthly subscription now makes even more sense.

Easily produce amazing minutes, resolutions and other documents in Inform Direct - all at the touch of a button

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