Inform Direct product update – January 2016

If your New Year’s Resolution is to better organise your company’s vital documents, our latest product release is just the thing for you!

Running a company will necessary involve creating a whole load of documents – from the certificate of incorporation and articles of association through various board resolutions and minutes, AGM documents and everything filed with Companies House. The list is endless, and keeping those documents organised – and easy to find when they’re needed – can be a real chore.

Until now! Inform Direct now contains a versatile online document storage area, which we’re calling the Document Library. You can use it to easily upload, store, manage and access your company’s statutory documents from anywhere, any time.

Manage a UK company?

As well as managing documents, a company make various filings within statutory deadlines.

Inform Direct is the perfect tool to help create and manage documents, keep on top of a company's key deadlines and make submissions to Companies House.

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Document library

Easy to upload documents

There are 4 ways to upload company documents:

  1. Upload a single file
  2. Drag and drop one or many files
  3. Email files to your document library
  4. All the documents you create in Inform Direct are automatically uploaded for you

The first three are available to subscribers, so a simple monthly subscription now makes even more sense. All users of Inform Direct, whether subscribers or not, can see the documents they’ve generated using the software in their document library.

Add file to document library

Keep everything organised

To make a document even easier to find, you can choose to tag it with the company it relates to, the type of document and what it’s about. While we’ve created a whole list of tags you can use, you’re also able to create your own bespoke categories to tag documents with.

If you’ve got a whole heap of documents to organise, to save time you can also tag lots of documents at once.

When you’re looking for a document, searching by company, document type, tag or filename makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.

Bulk tag documents in document library

Control access to important documents

With the Inform Direct document library, you have complete control over who has access to files and what they’re allowed to do (add files, edit, remove etc). Set up global user permissions that apply by default and, if there’s a particular file which you want to lock down further, it’s easy to do so. The customisation possibilities are endless.

Inform Direct already produces a wide range of documents, which are automatically saved to your document library. Our next project is to enable creation of a comprehensive suite of minutes and resolutions, so you’ll never need to find another template. With minutes produced as you record transactions and the documents organised and saved, you’ll have much more time for other things.

All companies are required to maintain up to date company records. Inform Direct is the perfect tool to help you easily keep everything up to date.

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