It's simple to keep on top of mortgages and charges in Inform Direct

If a company has mortgages, they’re clearly displayed in summary on the mortgages tab.

If you need a fuller picture, all the details available from Companies House are also easily accessible.


Regular synchronisation with Companies House means the information shown is up to date, correct and complete based on the public register.

All the required information is also included in a fully compliant register of mortgages and charges.

Mortgages tab

Keep on top of company mortgages and manage changes to existing charges the easy way with Inform Direct.

Inform Direct subscribers with their own Companies House presenter code can:

  • Register a mortgage
  • Satisfy a mortgage (including part-satisfaction)
  • Release a mortgage (including part-release)

These submissions are the electronic equivalents to paper forms MR01, MR02, MR04 and MR05.

Registering a mortgage and submitting updates electronically will be quicker and generally less susceptible to error than filing paper forms.

Each process is broken down into simple, bite-sized steps with help available to enable you to provide the correct details. You can also easily produce minutes and resolutions from our compliant templates to support mortgage transactions.

Mortgages and charges register
Register a mortgage upload
Satisfy a mortgage