A cost-effective company secretarial solution if you want up to 20 companies in your portfolio with many features free to use. As well as full help guides, you can always access support from a real person.

Pay as required features
(prices shown exclude VAT):

  • £ File Confirmation Statement: £10

    plus applicable Companies House fee

  • £ Form a new company: From £9.99

    plus applicable Companies House fee

  • £ Change company name: £10

    plus applicable Companies House fee

  • £ Dormant company accounts: £20
  • £ Micro-entity accounts: £35

    includes preparation, and if required, filing of accounts with Companies House.

  • £ Create dividend vouchers: £10
  • £ Process share split: £40
  • £ Share reorganisation: £40

    includes share consolidations, redemptions, cancellations, conversions, a company purchasing its own shares and a share capital reduction.

  • £ Process call payment: £10
  • £ Strike off application: £9

    plus applicable Companies House fee

  • £ Produce minute / resolution etc: £5
  • £ Premium share certificate template: £5

    Unlimited use of a single premium template across multiple companies and for membership and option certificates

Free to use features include:

  • Allot new shares
  • Manage one or up to 20 companies
  • Appoint and remove officers
  • Email reminders of key deadlines
  • Create branded share certificates
  • Reconciliation with Companies House
  • Transfer existing shares
  • Full online company registers
  • Add and remove PSCs
  • Update details of existing PSCs
  • Maintain company details
  • Changes filed with Companies House
  • Manage shareholder details
  • Process rights issues
  • Bonus share issue
  • Dependable phone and email support
  • Update officer details
  • Easy to follow help
  • Withdraw a strike off application
  • Grant share options
  • Exercise share options

Subscribers have unlimited access to the entire Inform Direct system for a single cost-effective monthly payment. Enjoy full access to all Inform Direct’s standard functionality as well as exclusive use of premium features and the ability to have more than 20 companies in your portfolio.

If you manage lots of companies or want to do a lot of transactions, a subscription offers a significant saving. It is a single monthly payment based on the number of companies you form or manage. It gives access to exclusive features, so staying on top of company secretarial work is now even easier.

  • Significant savings if you have lots of companies
  • Unlimited users at no extra cost
  • Unlimited confirmation statements, basic incorporations and other transactions without paying us a penny
  • Automate the preparation/filing of confirmation statements
  • Prepare and file dormant company and micro-entity accounts
  • Produce an unlimited number of minutes, resolutions and other documents
  • Link to HMRC to manage your client’s VAT filing deadlines
  • Choose to pay Companies House fees via Inform Direct or using your own Presenter Code
  • Varied customisation options and extensive reporting suite
  • Ability to obtain client approval before submitting changes to Companies House
  • Free use of great new features as and when they’re released
  • One simple monthly payment makes budgeting easier
Your First company:£5.00 per month
Next 2 - 50 companies:£0.67 per month
Next 51 - 250 companies:£0.50 per month
Next 251 - 500 companies:£0.33 per month
Next 501 - 1000 companies:£0.17 per month
Next 1001 + companies:£0.08 per month

How many companies do you
want to manage through Inform Direct?

£ per month.

This is just £ per company per month. All prices shown exclude VAT.

Pricing Options

Inform Direct's standard features are free to use, now and forever.
For pay to use features, we offer a choice of payment plans.

Pay as You Go

With our Pay as You Go plan you only pay for transactions that incur a fee, if and when you use them. You are not obliged to use them and if you don’t then you needn’t pay us a penny. We won’t ask for credit card details up front and you’re not tied in at all. We however reckon you’ll want to use them since they’ll save you time and aggravation. What’s more you can always choose to upgrade to a subscription at a later date if that offers better value or you want to have more than 20 companies in your portfolio.

  • Completely free access to lots of great features
  • Only pay for transactions that incur a fee if used
  • No commitment, no tie in, no fuss


Our subscription plan offers a popular solution for accountants and other regular users. For a single monthly payment based on the number of companies you manage, you get unlimited access to all pay to use transactions (e.g. unlimited dividend vouchers or share transactions for any company in your portfolio) as well as access to certain premium features not available to PAYG customers (e.g. the ability to have multiple users with tiered access rights or to generate reports).

  • Great savings for accountants and other active users
  • Convenience of single monthly payment
  • Option to use your own Companies House presenter code