Inform Direct provides a simple and efficient way
to produce fully compliant micro-entity accounts
for private companies limited by shares or guarantee

All for just £35 + VAT, or FREE for Inform Direct subscribers

balance sheet
Authorisation of accounts

Help is available at each step of the micro-entity accounts wizard

Simple steps and clear presentation make the wizard easy to complete

Our streamlined wizard for efficient micro-entity accounts production makes it easy to get it right first time.

Only file the required pages:

Inform Direct automatically takes advantage of provisions set out in section 444 of the Companies Act 2006 and only files the required pages with Companies House. The required pages are:

  • Cover page – disclosing the company name and registration number
  • Balance sheet
  • Balance sheet footnotes and required statements

This approach ensures that the minimum details are available on the public record.


Tailor the accounts for presentation to shareholders

You can choose to include more detail in the micro-entity accounts that you prepare for shareholders, members and other stakeholders in the company.

It is easy to add any, or all, of the following additional pages:

  • Contents page
  • Company information page
  • Directors’ report
  • Accountants’ report
  • Income statement
Micro-entity accounts additional pages

Micro-entity accounts details


Prepare draft accounts for approval

You can save all the details you enter into the micro-entity accounts wizard and then generate draft accounts for approval.

A document containing all the details of the accounts is automatically saved to your Document Library.

You can use this to easily check the accounts details you have entered. Accountants can also use this to obtain a client’s confirmation that the details are correct before finalising and filing the accounts.

Return to the saved details as many times as you need to and make any necessary edits. Once the accounts are finalised and approved it’s easy to submit the required pages to Companies House and create final accounts for distribution to shareholders, members and other stakeholders in the company.


Professional presentation

Accounts and supporting documents produced in Inform Direct are professionally presented, helping you make a great impression with your clients, shareholders, members and other stakeholders.

Inform Direct subscribers can also choose to produce micro-entity accounts stamped with anything from a range of watermarks:

  • ‘Draft’
  • ‘Client Copy’
  • ‘File Copy’
  • ‘For Approval’
client copy of accounts

Can I file micro-entity accounts using Inform Direct?

You will be able to file audit exempt micro-entity accounts using Inform Direct if your company is a private company limited by shares or guarantee registered in England and Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland with no more than five share classes. You should also ensure that the company meets the statutory eligibility and size criteria for preparation of micro-entity accounts.