Inform Direct processes share splits
It does all the share calculations for you
and produces a prepared SH02 form


Our step by step process makes it easy to process a share split.

All you need to do is enter the date of the transaction and details of the shares that are being split. While we think you’ll find it really straightforward, the process is supported by plenty of help if you do need it.

Whether you’re splitting each £1 share into 100 new £0.01 shares or something more complex, Inform Direct provides the perfect solution. If you need extra flexibility, it also allows you to split one share class into two different share classes as part of the share split.

Share split details

Share split view by shareholder

Inform Direct will do the rest for you using shareholder information available, most of it imported for you directly from Companies House. It will:

  • calculate each shareholder’s new holding after the split
  • automatically record the new holdings in fully electronic statutory registers
  • produce share certificates for the newly split shares.
  • maintain a full list of transactions
  • automatically include the correct details in your next confirmation statement

Use Inform Direct's simple step by step wizard to process your share split for just £40 + VAT


At the end of the share split process you will be able to download an electronic copy of Companies House form SH02, which has been filled in with the required details.

There’s no need to enter the information again about the share split again on the paper form as it’s all produced for you. All the statement of capital details are worked out and entered, so you don’t need to do any calculations or put in any figures.

All you need to do is print, sign and send the form to Companies House.

Share Split SH02