Inform Direct makes the task of preparing and filing
fully compliant accounts straightforward
and they look good too!

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Producing compliant dormant company and micro-entity accounts is easy and efficient in Inform Direct.

The streamlined approach that Inform Direct applies to all filings means that the preparation and filing of micro-entity or dormant company accounts need no longer be a daunting task. And, if you are unfamiliar with preparing company accounts, lots of help is available at each step.

You can produce draft accounts if you wish, revisiting to make any amendments before submitting the final accounts electronically to Companies House. You’ll receive immediate confirmation of their safe delivery and an email notifying you of their approval as soon as this is received.

Inform Direct helps you to get company accounts right first time.


Companies House reject almost 100,000 sets of accounts every year. The following common errors and omissions account for the majority of rejections:

  • incorrect or absent company name or number;
  • authorising signatory missing from the balance sheet;
  • incorrect or absent balance sheet date;
  • incorrect statements on the balance sheet;
  • missing figures on the balance sheet;
  • balance sheet doesn’t balance.


Our intelligent software has built-in checks that prevent all these errors. We help you to get it right first time.

micro-entity accounts details

Whenever Inform Direct can automate a task it will. It:

  • calculates the balance sheet date
  • automatically includes any statutory balance sheet statements
  • saves the details you enter this year so that you never need to re-enter them again
  • ensures that only the required details are filed with Companies House
  • provides a populated board minute to document director approval of the accounts

All your company accounts and supporting documents are automatically saved to your Document Library, where they are intelligently tagged for easy retrieval.

Email reminders help to ensure you never miss an important filing. In your Inform Direct account, submission deadlines are clearly displayed so you can easily see what’s due and when, whether you manage filings for one or many companies.

Inform Direct subscribers with their own Companies House Presenter Code can now upload iXBRL accounts to Inform Direct


Accountants using software that produces iXBRL-tagged accounts can use Inform Direct to submit them to Companies House when subscribed. Uploading iXBRL accounts is simple and takes no time and supports electronic filing for the following types of company accounts:

  • Small, medium and large company accounts
  • Group accounts
  • Abridged accounts
  • Micro-entity accounts
  • Dormant company accounts
  • Audited or audit-exempt accounts
  • Amended or revised accounts

You can also upload and file Limited Liability Partnership accounts.

With Inform Direct, it's simple to produce
compliant and professional looking accounts.