Inform Direct will help you keep your company details up to date and automatically submit the correct forms to Companies House

Inform Direct has been designed to help you swiftly and easily update company details. Whether you are changing your registered office address, setting up a SAIL address or submitting a change of company name, it intuitively knows which forms must be filed.

Simple wizards guide you through making any update. Inform Direct asks you straightforward questions and turns your answers into the correct format – ready to file electronically with Companies House. Removing paper forms is a real time saver and Companies House approves most electronic updates within a few hours.

Inform Direct allows subscribers to generate a range of reports across their portfolio of clients to help review the company details.

  • Change of registered office address (AD01 and LL AD01)
  • Change of registered email address
  • Enter a trade classification code (SIC code)
  • Start using a SAIL address (AD02 and LL AD02)
  • Change a SAIL address (AD02 and LL AD02)
  • List records held at a SAIL address (AD03 and LL AD03)
  • Return company records to registered office address (AD04 and LL AD04)
  • Notice of change of company name by resolution (NM01 and LL NM01)
  • Notice of change of company name by articles (NM04)
  • Application to strike off company (DS01 and LL DS01)
  • Withdraw a strike off application (DS02 and LL DS02)

Inform Direct provides helpful tools designed to speed you through each task. These include:

  • Company name checking facility that allows you to verify in real time and directly with Companies House whether your proposed company name is available.
  • Free template special resolutions to use when changing your company name.
  • Keywords search tool to help you easily find the right SIC code.
  • Automatic inclusion of changes in your next confirmation statement, avoiding the need to re-enter details.
  • Simultaneous updates of statutory registers as you change your company details – saving you a separate job.
  • Access and search a company’s filing history directly within Inform Direct.

Inform Direct's report wizard makes it easy to review the company details across all of your clients

In Inform Direct every screen is clear and designed to make updates effortless.

Update Addresses


Updating addresses is a simple with Inform Direct.

Our intuitive software guides you through a simple wizard, submitting changes electronically.

It checks addresses across all your companies, ensuring accuracy and saving you time. Plus, it pre-populates all produced documents for added efficiency.

Enter SAIL address

Records held at SAIL


SAIL Addresses


If you have a SAIL address, it’s simple
to indicate which statutory records are
located there and which are held at the
company’s registered office address.

Submit updates electronically
to Companies House. Changes will also automatically
be made to your online company registers.

Strike off


By completing a simple process, Inform Direct
will generate the documents required to apply to
strike off a company from the register.

All you need to do is sign and send the prepopulated form
to Companies House with a cheque for £44 (their fee).

Need to withdraw a strike off application?
Inform Direct will create the prepopulated
forms needed for that too.


SIC Code search
SIC code search

SIC codes


Easily select the right SIC code for your
company using our handy keyword search tool.
Just enter some words to describe your business
and suggestions will be made from the full
Companies House list of trade classification codes.



Generate a variety of different reports to help you check that the

company details and registered office

addresses are correct across your client portfolio.

Company details