Inform Direct will make the upkeep of your shareholder records really easy.

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Straightforward wizards guide you step by step
through each easy process.

Help is available at each step if you need it. When you issue shares or transfer shares between shareholders in companies limited by shares, we automatically update your company registers so you only have to enter information once – there’s no more need to maintain paper copies of your Register of Members, Register of Transfers or Register of Allotments.

The same applies to companies limited by guarantee ensuring that when new members are added or existing members removed the register of members is automatically updated.

When you issue shares, the Return of Allotment of Shares (form SH01) is automatically sent to Companies House. For all other changes you make to shareholders and shareholdings, we retain the details to populate your next Confirmation Statement – so you don’t have to enter them again.

You can also easily maintain shareholder contact details, view former shareholders and a history of share transactions.

Additionally, if you are a subscriber, you can add you own custom fields to the persons of each company and show them on the shareholders screen for all your companies.

Professional share certificates, branded with your company logo if you choose, are easy to create and maintain.

You can produce share certificates when you issue or transfer shares or go back and create them later on. Inform Direct maintains a log of active share certificates: you can view, edit, regenerate, print as well as cancel or delete existing share certificates at any time.




With Inform Direct you can easily generate a number of shareholder reports for your clients’ companies including:

  • current shareholders with their shareholdings;
  • share transactions;
  • dividends paid;
  • shareholder contact addresses; and
  • share certificates.
Current shareholders report

Inform Direct offers great flexibility for shareholders and share transactions, with full support for scenarios such as:

  • Multiple share classes and share issues at different prices in each class
  • Corporate shareholders
  • Joint shareholdings – with up to 10 joint shareholders for a single shareholding
  • Designations attached to shareholdings

Sometimes keeping records up to date can be challenging when one person has multiple shareholdings, holds shares in more than one share class or is an officer of the company as well as a shareholder.

Inform Direct makes things easy by linking together all the shareholdings and appointments a person has.

Even if one person has many shareholdings in various share classes and is also a director, you’ll only need to make a change in one place – rather than needing to remember each and every place an amendment has to be made.