Inform Direct keeps Companies House updated about who
is serving as an officer of your company.

When you first register we’ll automatically import details of all the existing company officers from Companies House.

Straightforward wizards then guide you step by step through new appointments, making changes to existing officers and resignations. Help is available at each step, although we’re confident you won’t need it.

  • Appointment of a Director (AP01)
  • Appointment of a Corporate Director (AP02)
  • Appointment of a Secretary (AP03)
  • Appointment of a Corporate Secretary (AP04)
  • Change of Director’s details (CH01)
  • Change of Corporate Director’s details (CH02)
  • Change of Secretary’s details (CH03)
  • Change of Corporate Secretary’s details (CH04)
  • Termination of appointment of Director (TM01)
  • Termination of appointment of Secretary (TM02)

Inform Direct knows which forms need to be filed with Companies House for any change you make, so you don’t even have to think about it.

We’ll also automatically update your company registers so you only have to enter information once – there’s no more need to maintain paper copies of your Register of Directors, Register of Secretaries or Register of Directors’ Residential Addresses. Details of all former officers are retained for easy reference.

If officers have more than one appointment or also hold shares in the company, we make things easy.

You only need to make a change once for that officer and all the updates to records and any required Companies House filings will be done for you automatically. When you change a director’s service address or residential address, Inform Direct also recognises other officers and shareholders whose addresses you may also want to change – and gives you the choice whether to update them there and then.

Officer list
Appoint a new director
Edit Personal Details



Use Inform Direct to produce person reports to help you review the details of the persons associated with your clients’ companies.  The are produced as .xls spreadsheets and can be sorted and edited as required.

The reports include:

  • officers;
  • PSCs;
  • service addresses; and
  • residential address.
Person example

Read why users like you love Inform Direct...

  • The simplest and most straightforward way to manage company records

    Inform Direct is a refreshingly easy to use online company records management platform. It uses a beautifully simple design language which can help you to almost intuitively keep all your company records up to date. More importantly it will make sure that you will not forget anything. I really like the seamless way in which I can submit annual returns. I have saved much time using the service and hence recommend it to anyone who is looking for probably the simplest and most straightforward way to manage company records.

    28/10/2013 by Dr Rashid Shahidi

  • Easy to use service

    Such a simple, easy to use service makes corporate filing so much easier - especially for smaller companies which lack the sophistication of knowing all the rules. Great and responsive customer service - it is a bargain that no company can afford to be without.

    I have used it for one company and plan to add others as well. Its intuitive and fairly foolproof - if only Companies House used it!

    I highly recommend it to all.

    03/03/2014 by James B. Gambrell, Chairman of Silent Sensors Limited

  • This is an essential time-saver

    Inform Direct has helped our start-up in more ways than one. It has saved oodles of time dealing with Companies House as our share allocation fluctuated during early fundraising. It has helped us keep all our paperwork in order without the expense of having a solicitor to do this. The team at Inform Direct have always been quick and useful with their advice around both the system and how it links in with CH.

    In short it's been like having a well-informed, quick-to-act, vastly experienced and value-for-money Company Secretary on tap. Highly recommended.

    24/01/2014 by Triston Wallace

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