Inform Direct records share options
It processes all the share option transactions
and produces supporting documents



Inform Direct makes it easy to process share option transactions using easy to use wizards to process the options granted and then the option exercise. You can even produce option certificates when processing the options granted.


Our simple step by step wizard makes it easy to process a share option exercise. It seamlessly notifies Companies House of the issue of new shares when the option holder exercises their share options.   The details only need to be entered once and Inform Direct does the rest.

Exercise options summary screen

Shareholders screen with options 2



Inform Direct allows you to see at a glance each person’s overall interest in the company.  Each person’s share options are shown together with their shareholdings on the Shareholders screen.


You can also drill down to see a breakdown including the exercise prices and the expiry dates of each person’s options from this screen.

Use Inform Direct's simple step by step process to exercise options which seamlessly submits the allotment of shares to Companies House

Inform Direct provides you with a breakdown of all the option holders and their different options under each share option scheme.  You can, therefore, simply review the share options from one screen.

In addition you can view the fully diluted share holdings for each share class.


Option scheme by option holder
Fully diluted share class details 3

Subscribers can even produce a capitalisation table (cap table) for the company that brings together in one report all of the company’s shares and share options.


Capitalisation table