Inform Direct will help you complete a Confirmation Statement.

We've made the confirmation statement incredibly simple so it's not a chore. We'll send you reminders as your company's confirmation statement deadline approaches.

You'll be able just to confirm that the company information shown on screen is correct or make any necessary updates. Your confirmation statement will then be automatically compiled and submitted to Companies House.

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The straightforward way to keep shareholder records up to date

It's easy to process share allotments and transfers, step by step. There's also comprehensive support for a huge range of share reorganisation possibilities. You can even manage dividend payments.

Inform Direct produces all the required forms and registers for any share transaction at the touch of a button. You'll also be able to produce professionally branded share certificates for shareholders.

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Keep on top of director and secretary records

Details of current company officers are retrieved electronically from Companies House. Straightforward step by step wizards make it simple to process new officer appointments and terminations.

You can also easily update the details of existing officers, or give them access so they can do it themselves! All the right forms are produced and submitted electronically for you.

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It's never been easier to maintain statutory books, it is now...

Inform Direct supports a comprehensive array of fully compliant company registers for companies limited by shares, companies limited by guarantee and limited liability partnerships.

Whenever you make changes to officers, members or details of the company, the registers will be updated automatically - so it's completely effortless to keep your statutory books up to date.

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Start your company the easy way with Inform Direct

With our intuitive step by step wizard, you can enter the required details in minutes and have a new business set up in a few hours.

Inform Direct is the easy way to form a company online, whether you’re starting a simple company by yourself or need support for more complex shareholder arrangements. And as you choose exactly what you want, you won’t find yourself paying for anything you don’t need.

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Maintain the important details of your company in one place

Inform Direct makes it easy to deal with corporate governance matters and keep your companies compliant, enabling you to maintain a wide range of company information and important dates in one place. Addresses for the company, its officers and shareholders can be updated quickly and easily.

Key deadlines are available at a glance, so it’s effortless to keep on top of due dates for one or many companies.

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The simple approach to preparing and filing company accounts

Using Inform Direct it's easy to produce fully compliant micro-entity and dormant company accounts. There's flexibility built in too, such as the option to produce draft accounts for approval and to include extra pages in the micro-entity accounts produced for shareholders.

Once submitted, it's often just a matter of minutes before the accounts are approved by Companies House and saved automatically to your document library.

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Take control of your company documents today

You can produce a wide range of compliant documents, and where appropriate brand them professionally. Every document you produce is saved in case you want to refer to it later.

In a versatile document library, subscribers can upload, store and manage documents, making it easy to keep the paperwork for one or many companies organised, secure and accessible by the right people.

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Save time

Clever automation makes it easy to manage company details. Unique time-saving features and shortcuts help you increase productivity.

Safe and secure

With everything safely stored in the cloud, there’s no risk of loss if your computer systems fail and no more backups to manage.

Professional support

As well as a wide range of resources, our support team of professionals is here to help you every step of the way. We’ll always go the extra mile.

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Great For Businesses

Finally, there’s an intuitive and efficient software solution that helps business owners and directors manage their company statutory records and company administration with ease.

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Perfect For Accountants

Over half of our team are qualified accountants, so it’s no surprise that we've designed our company secretarial software to make accountants’ lives easier!

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Read how Inform Direct has helped these companies

  • Genuinely, an excellent product!

    Over the past number of years, CavanaghKelly have utilised Inform Direct with utmost satisfaction. This comprehensive company secretarial package efficiently generates professional-quality documents, including meeting minutes and resolutions, stock transfer forms, and various others, significantly reducing the time and effort required.

    The software's user-friendliness is notable, and should any queries arise, their support team provide answers within minutes.

    The guides provided are incredibly useful and the email reminders make sure nothing is missed for our clients.
    Genuinely, an excellent product!

    07/09/2023 by Claire Daly of CavanaghKelly

  • The offering by Inform Direct is complete, professional and incredibly efficient.

    I have used Inform Direct since setting up my practice in September 2022. Everything from the welcome call to the easy-to-use platform and email reminders has been of the highest quality. The guides provided are incredibly useful, and the document library covers every company secretarial event imaginable. I have recently used the company incorporation function and could not believe the ease and speed in which it was completed. The offering by Inform Direct is complete, professional and incredibly efficient.

    30/05/2023 by Dan Edwards of Veritons Limited

  • Quick, easy to use, self-explanatory and efficient for all our client filings.

    We have been using Inform Direct since 2020 and have found it to be a very quick and convenient way of making company secretarial filings and delivering changes to Companies House. It is quick, easy to use, self-explanatory and efficient for all our client filings. New extra features are continually being added to assist us. Inform Direct have amazing support and provide excellent customer service.

    07/02/2023 by Megan Bingley of Murrell Associates LLP

  • The best software we use in our accounting practice.

    Inform Direct is the best software we use in our accounting practice.

    It is a comprehensive company secretarial package which I always recommend to my friends. It generates professional-quality Share certificates, dividend vouchers, meeting minutes, stock transfer forms, and a variety of other documents in a fraction of the time that would otherwise be required.

    Inform Direct enabled us to increase our revenue while saving us a significant amount of time and hassle.

    The software is very simple to use, but if we have any questions, their support team is very friendly and helpful.

    23/05/2023 by Muhammad Farooq Qureshi of Tidy Tax Accountants

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