At Inform Direct we are always developing new features and improvements for our customers. Some of our favourite improvements from the past few years can be seen below:

May 2018
Dissolving companies

Dissolve companies using Inform Direct, producing the necessary Companies House forms and supporting documentation

Apr 2018
Mortgage filing and management

Submit the details of new and changes to existing mortgages to Companies House, produce required minutes and other documentation

Mar 2018
New template documents

Even more company secretarial template documents to help companies and their advisers manage a wide range of situations

Feb 2018
GDPR updates

Inform Direct will be fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation ahead of the required compliance date of 25 May 2018

Jan 2018
Updates for Companies House changes

Support for changes Companies House are implementing to what is acceptable as a nationality and country of residence for officers and PSCs

More template documents

Lots more template documents to help with company secretarial work, based on requests from our users

Nov 2017
Changes to PSC reporting

Support for additional changes that Companies House are making to the information that must be submitted to them in relation to PSCs

Jun 2017
Companies House PSC updates

Updates to support changes to the way in which PSCs must be reported to Companies House

Mar 2017
Making multiple allotments

Submit multiple allotments electronically on a single SH01 form, ideal if you're issuing shares to multiple shareholders simultaneously

Jan 2017
Forming plcs, LLPs and companies limited by guarantee

Incorporate LLPs, guarantee companies and plcs online using a straightforward step-by-step wizard.

Advanced company formation packages

A great range of handy options to help you start your next new company in style.

Nov 2016
Standalone document templates

Use our extended range of compliant templates to complete a huge range of company secretarial tasks

Oct 2016
A new range of share certificate options

Companies and their accountants can choose from a range of beautiful share certificate templates

Fully prepopulated PSC templates

Create fully compliant notices to PSCs, templates replies and board minutes when setting up or amending your PSC register

Sep 2016
More pre-populated document templates

Minutes, resolutions and other documents that can be effortlessly produced when changing the details of a company and its officers

Aug 2016
Minutes and resolutions for share transactions

Produce a whole range of minutes and resolutions as you complete share transfers, allotments and capital reorganisations.

Jun 2016
Companies House updates

Changes to support the new confirmation statement, amended statement of capital and other Companies House changes

Apr 2016
Persons with significant control register

Easily maintain the new PSC register, as required of most companies from 6 April 2016

Feb 2016
Updated company registers

Company registers get a fresh new look. They can also be branded with the company's or an accountant's details.

Adding historic transactions

Add historic transactions into Inform Direct so all a company's records are held in one place.

Jan 2016
Document library

View all the documents you've generated for companies in Inform Direct. Subscribers can upload and tag additional documents into the document library.

Nov 2015
Enhanced incorporations

Form companies with multiple share classes, bespoke articles of association and a same day service. Save part-complete formations and return later.

Oct 2015
Officers' consent to act

Full support for the changes Companies House have implemented for how officers consent to act for a company.

Jul 2015
Customise reminders

Subscribers can customise the emails they receive, including the types of company reminders they want to see.

Limited liability partnerships

Manage LLPs, their members and related Companies House filing requirements.

Jun 2015
Minutes for dividends

By popular demand, a pre-populated meeting minute when paying a dividend.

Community interest companies

Take control of the statutory requirements of community interest companies, whether set up as private companies limited by shares, guarantee companies or plcs.

Companies limited by guarantee

Manage companies limited by guarantee and maintain up to date member lists.

Third party access

Accountants can choose to give a client access to their own company records and make limited changes.

Tailored user rights

Subscribers can customise the rights of different users to view and make changes to companies.

Apr 2015
Unpaid and partly paid shares

Manage shares that are unpaid or partly paid, including making call payments.

Feb 2015
Share reorganisations

Process share splits, consolidations, cancellations, redemptions and a whole host of other share capital reorganisation transactions.

Nov 2014
Recording dividends

Record dividend payments and issue dividend vouchers to shareholders, with full support for dividend waivers.

Oct 2014
Dormant company accounts

Keep on top of deadlines and submit accounts for dormant companies electronically.

Sep 2014
Adding multiple users

Subscribers can add multiple people to their account, each with their own secure login.

Jul 2014
Help guides

Comprehensive guides added to using all the features in Inform Direct

Subscription pricing option

For those who prefer the convenience of a single monthly payment, our subscription package bundles together all the great Inform Direct features

Jun 2014
Change of company name

Make changes to a company's name electronically and get quick acceptance from Companies House.

Mar 2014
Managing multiple companies

Manage two or two thousand companies from a single account, with a handy portfolio view to see approaching deadlines at a glance.

Aug 2013

Form a company online the easy way with Inform Direct's simple step-by-step wizard.

Jul 2013
Public release

With core features completely free to use, Inform Direct now makes it easy for companies limited by shares to manage their records.

Mar 2013
Initial launch

The first version of Inform Direct's revolutionary company secretarial software.

Mar 2013 Inform Direct Launched

Welcome to the new way of managing company records. Starting here, everything we do is aimed at making things easier for businesses and their accountants.