Inform Direct produces dividend vouchers,
waivers and board minutes easily.
All for just £12 including VAT.

Watch our video to see how simple Inform Direct makes creating dividend vouchers along with board minutes and waivers.

Pay your next dividends the easy way with Inform Direct's simple step by step process.

One simple process produces all the documents you need

Inform Direct makes paying a dividend really straight forward for a limited company:

  • You only have to enter a few simple details
  • Each shareholder’s dividend is worked out automatically
  • One process creates all the dividend vouchers – on a choice of professional templates
  • You can choose to create pre-populated board minutes and waivers (full and partial)
  • Handy help is available to help you get it right and stay on the right side of HMRC
  • Inform Direct will retain a proper history of what’s been paid
  • You can easily refer to the details later, for shareholder queries or completing your corporation tax return

Producing dividend vouchers has never been easier. Inform Direct uses all the information on shareholders available from Companies House, which saves you entering it again. If you’re tired of fiddling around with manual templates, it’s time to discover an easier way.


Board minutes included

The company must also minute the decision to pay a dividend to shareholders.

Inform Direct gives you the option to produce a board minute, saving you valuable time.

In a fully compliant template, it automatically includes all the details of the dividend being paid, the names of the directors and other company information.

While in many cases you’ll then just need to print the minute, if you do need to make any amendments you can easily do so before finalising it.

If you’d prefer to spend time on your business than on producing minutes, we have the perfect solution.