Inform Direct prepares your dormant accounts for you
and allows you to file online with Companies House.
All for just £20 + VAT.

File dormant company accounts

Our clever software calculates the balance sheet values
for you and presents them in the required format.

Check the details presented and just press a button to
submit dormant company accounts to Companies House.

Inform Direct allows you to complete your dormant
company accounts in just 3 straightforward steps:

  1. Our software calculates the balance sheet date. Just check and continue.
  2. The balance sheet amounts are completed for you. Simply check they are correct.
  3. Inform Direct provides the required balance sheet statements – just tick to confirm that they apply and enter the date the accounts were approved. From the list provided, select the name of the director that will be approving the accounts.

Now review your submission and send your dormant company accounts securely to Companies House. You will receive immediate confirmation of safe delivery and can print a copy of your accounts if required.

Companies House normally approve dormant company accounts within 24-48 hours of receipt. We will email you as soon as approval is received and attach a copy of your dormant company accounts.

We retain your information so you don’t have to enter your details again next year. We’ll also send you reminders to help you submit your accounts on time and avoid the automatic fines imposed if you miss the filing deadline.

Get started now. We retrieve your details from Companies House and compile accounts for you.

Simply select the date of your dormant company accounts
Dormant company accounts date

Help is available throughout the dormant company accounts process
Dormant company accounts help

Can I file my dormant company accounts with Inform Direct?

You will be able to file dormant company accounts using Inform Direct if your company is a private company limited by shares or guarantee and it meets all of the listed criteria:

  1. it has never traded (since incorporation);
  2. if limited by shares, the only transaction entered into the accounting records of the company relates to the issue of subscriber shares (that is the shares issued when the company was first formed);
  3. it is not a subsidiary; and
  4. it does not prepare accounts using International Accounting Standards (IAS).

As well as submitting annual accounts, dormant companies are still required to file a confirmation statement. Both must be filed with Companies House every year. It’s easy to complete your confirmation statement online using our simple wizard to guide you.