Inform Direct product update – July 2015

Calling all LLPs! I’m really pleased to say that our acclaimed platform for managing the company secretarial requirements of companies limited by shares and companies limited by guarantee now supports Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) too.

Limited liability partnerships

There are now over 60,000 LLPs in the UK, and this figure looks set to grow further over the coming years. Many professional firms like accountants or solicitors are set up a an LLP and even those that aren’t will invariably have clients established as limited liability partnerships.

Existing users will find that LLPs can be imported to your portfolio of companies as easily as all the other types supported by Inform Direct.  Once added they will be listed alphabetically alongside your other companies.


Limited Liability Partnership

New features, same great design

Many of the requirements that apply to limited companies also apply to LLPs. However, there are also special requirements around members – and a whole swathe of special forms for LLPs – and Inform Direct has been designed to cater for all of these.

Where Companies House allows a form to be submitted electronically, you can do so in Inform Direct. So, for example, there is a very simple wizard to appoint a new member and Inform Direct automatically submits form LL AP01 to Companies House.


Limited liability partnership members

Where Companies House requires a paper form, like the LL DE01 form to change the basis of membership, Inform Direct allows you to produce a pre-populated form to print and send off.

All of the dedicated processes for LLPs have been built with you in mind, helping you to provide the right information at the right time. There are loads of shortcuts which will save you valuable time and tailored help and support to help you get it right first time, whatever your level of experience with managing the records of LLPs.

As ever, if there’s something that would make managing your LLP easier, we’d love to hear from you!

All companies are required to maintain up to date company records. Inform Direct is the perfect tool to help you easily keep everything up to date.

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