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Most companies are required to create a Register of People with Significant Control from 6 April 2016. Inform Direct has been fully updated to support the process of entering information to produce the new PSC register.

You’ll now be able to start the process of identifying PSCs and assembling the PSC register. In Inform Direct, you’ll be able to:

  • Add the details of individual PSCs, whether or not you have yet confirmed their details
  • Add the particulars of relevant legal entities that must be included in the register
  • Record updates on the progress of your investigations
  • Make ongoing updates as you get further in the process of identifying PSCs

Inform Direct makes it easy to put together your PSC register

Inform Direct guides you through recording PSC details. It then produces the PSC register for you, including all the prescribed wording. And all the details for your first Confirmation Statement are automatically included.

Start now

At every step of adding PSCs, we ask you for exactly the right information required to populate the register. It automatically converts the information you’ve entered into the correct form of statements required by legislation, so you’ll be fully compliant with a minimum of fuss.

While we make it particularly easy for companies with straightforward requirements, Inform Direct supports all the different possibilities prescribed by law. So you’re always covered.



We’ve also produced a range of guides to help companies and their accountants get started:


PSC Register 2


Once you’ve put together your PSC register, it’s simplicity itself to keep it up to date in Inform Direct. You can view the register at any time, while the new PSC tab gives a quick overview of current PSCs – so you can identify at a glance when any changes are needed.

PSC tab

All the information you enter, including changes you make in future, are automatically saved ready to be included in your company’s Confirmation Statement, a replacement for the annual return which must include details of PSCs from 30 June 2016. So you won’t have to enter anything again, saving you time.

Inform Direct simplifies each step of keeping a PSC register. Your online PSC register will contain all the prescribed wording, and everything is included in your Confirmation Statement

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