Inform Direct product update – July 2020

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Every so often we like to do a release of a group of smaller changes that will improve existing Inform Direct features for our users.

Often these are as a result of customer feedback, conversations with our customer support team and analysing usage.

These releases often include improvements like:

  • Changes to simplify processes
  • Targeted usability improvements
  • Amendments requested by users
  • Performance improvements

And this release is no exception.

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Regenerate share certificates

A new process has been added that simplifies regenerating a share certificate where the shareholder’s name and/or address was incorrect.




After the name or address has been corrected for the shareholder, by selecting ‘regenerate’ for a share certificate, details that will be generated on the replacement certificate are displayed.

On confirming the details, a new certificate will be generated (maintaining the existing share certificate number).

The old certificate will be removed from the document library to avoid confusion with the new certificate.

Where a certificate needs to be cancelled, this should continue to be done by the existing cancellation process.


New documents

We’ve added our premium document templates to the template library. These include:

  • Enhanced Articles of association (one, two and three or more share class variants)
  • Shareholder’s agreement
  • LLP partnership agreement

Purchase of these for an Inform Direct subscriber includes an exclusive discount of £10 per document.

Other improvements

There have been many other improvements made as part of this release, some of the most notable being:

  • A reminder when transferring shares or editing a SIC code, that those updates do not get notified to Companies House until a confirmation statement is sent
  • Passport number added as an option for the security question and answers
  • Improvements to the share transaction report
  • A reminder added to the share capital reduction process that a cheque must be sent to Companies House with the SH19 form
  • Additional checks when adding officers and PSCs to help prevent Companies House rejections where initials have been used in a person’s name

These enhancements and many more have been released in this July 2020 update.

Let us know what you think

Please do contact us and let us know any features or changes that would help with your company secretarial work. We are constantly working to improve Inform Direct and value all the feedback that is sent to us.

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