Inform Direct product update – April 2020

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We’re glad that our cloud software is helping so many businesses and accountants continue to work in these unusual times. We’re also keeping busy, this being our second product update in as many weeks.

We’ve been getting an increasing number of requests for the submission of dormant company accounts for companies limited by guarantee, and we are delighted to provide it in this update.

In addition to this we’ve added the ability to file dormant company accounts for companies with share classes in currencies other than GBP.

There are more accounts features we have planned too in the coming months, so watch this space for more.

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Dormant company accounts for companies limited by guarantee

Just as for companies limited by shares you’ll now be able to file dormant company accounts for companies limited by guarantee. You’ll now find the ‘File Dormant Co Accounts’ option for such companies on:

  • the company’s dashboard
  • the portfolio screen as an action.

The process is just as simple as it is for companies with shares. Accounts specifying zero amounts for net assets and reserves will be created at the end of the process and electronically submitted to Companies House.

Subscribers can also save the accounts and use the summary document to get client/internal approval before sending it off to Companies House.

Dormant company accounts for non GBP share classes

As long as your dormant company’s share classes are in a single currency (no longer just GBP), you’ll now be able to file dormant company accounts for them too, in the same way.

Other improvements

We’ve changed the way that the ‘File dormant co accounts’ button appears so that it’s clearer why you might not be able to file dormant company accounts.

For example, if your company has completed some share transactions, it’s no longer eligible to file the ‘never traded’ version of dormant company accounts. If this is the case you’ll be told why when you select the ‘File dormant co accounts’ button.



Please do contact us and let us know what you think and anything that would help support your business’s company secretarial needs. We really do appreciate all ideas and feedback.

We are continuing to develop new features and improvements for our customers. Our software timeline includes our favourite features over the years and our upcoming developments.

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