Inform Direct product update – March 2020

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Following its January release, we’ve had good feedback about the addition of the approval workflow to the share allotment, transfer and dividend processes. This update extends this by adding the approval workflow to the share reorganisation processes, namely:

  • Share reclassification / editing share class details
  • Share conversion
  • Share split
  • Share consolidation
  • Purchase of own shares
  • Share redemption
  • Share capital reduction

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All of these processes can now be saved, and documents generated (including a new document summarising the details) enabling you to get the details checked – be it by a client or colleague.

Once you receive approval of the information, you can complete the processes easily. This will generate the populated Companies House forms and update the company’s registers.


Supported by the existing pending approvals features

Just as with the saved pending approvals they will be:

  • Shown on the portfolio screen in the ‘Pending Approvals’ column.
  • Displayed on the company’s dashboard.
  • Included within the ‘Pending Approvals’ report.
  • Sent as a reminder email (if not completed or removed) after 10 and 30 days.

All to help keep track of who still needs to provide you with confirmation.

Conversion Pending Approval

We appreciate your feedback, so please do contact us and let us know what you think and let us know of anything that would help support your business’s company secretarial needs.

We are always developing new features and improvements for our customers. Our software timeline includes our favourite features over the years and our upcoming developments, including our next release which will include dormant company accounts for companies limited by guarantee.

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