Inform Direct product update – November 2019

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While we are frequently adding new features to Inform Direct, we recognise that sometimes the littlest of changes can make a big difference to those using the system.

This update contains a selection of improvements in existing areas of the system, with more coming soon too.

Many of these are sourced from our users letting us know what would help them, so please do get in touch and let us know about what improvements would help you.

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Set your company’s Authentication Code when forming a company


When forming a company through Inform Direct you can now enter the Authentication Code that you would like Companies House to use for this company in the future.

If you don’t want to set your own authentication code you can just leave it up to Companies House who will randomly assign one and send it back to us.


As always, you will be able to find the code in Inform Direct within the company’s filing details once the company has been formed.

Single document downloads no longer in a zipped folder

As requested by many of our users – at the end of a process if you are only downloading one document, it will now be downloaded directly as a file and not in a zipped folder.


New documents

We’ve had requests for some particular document templates and have happily added these:

  • A letter of resignation template has added to the director termination process
  • A letter of resignation template has added to the secretary termination process
  • A letter of resignation template has added to the director and secretary termination process
  • A letter to inform HMRC that your newly incorporated company should be treated as dormant has been added to the template library

Some other usability improvements

This update also includes some small usability improvements throughout the system, from improved resizing of the portfolio screen when zooming to a performance improvement when bulk updating tags for documents in the document library, and many more.

Please do let us have any feedback on this or any other features of Inform Direct that would help you with your company secretarial work.

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