Inform Direct product update – April 2019

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Our most requested feature is now here!

Customers that subscribe to Inform Direct will be able get Companies House filings approved before they are submitted.

This release adds this to two of the most requested processes:

  • Confirmation Statements
  • Dormant Company Accounts

Over the coming months this ‘approval’ process will be added to the other areas of the system, so we’d love to hear your feedback on the approval processes implemented in this update.

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During these processes you will now be asked if you would like to get approval of the change. By selecting ‘Yes’ the data entered will be saved and you will be able to generate the documents that support the process.


You can then use these documents to request approval from your client, internally within your company or both! For confirmation statements, this replaces the ‘download summary’ option.

The generated documents contain a signature block, so if you use electronic signing software, they can easily be sent for e-signing.

Once saved, you can see any ‘Pending Approvals’ for a company on the portfolio screen and the company’s dashboard. The portfolio screen will give you an overall view of the number of pending approvals a company has and how long they have been outstanding.

A company’s oldest pending approval drives the colour coding:

  • Green – less than 4 days old
  • Amber – 4 to 10 days old
  • Red – more than 10 days old

If you need to chase the approval and want to resend the documents, they will be available in the document library.

Once approval has been received you can ‘Complete’ the saved process from the company’s dashboard: this will submit it to Companies House. You can drag and drop (or upload) any confirmation emails or signed documents into the document library too.


If there are changes required, you can ‘Edit’ the pending approval and make the changes. You can then either request approval and create the documents again, or submit straight to Companies House. If the process is no longer required you can ‘Remove’ the pending approval.

If you want to send a confirmation statement for approval just before the Companies House enforced ‘Next made up to date’ you can do this. On continuing the pending approval after the enforced date you will be asked if you would like to send the confirmation statement with the made up to date as the ‘Next made up to date’ or the originally saved date.

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