Inform Direct product update – June 2018

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We’ve just released another new update to Inform Direct.

This includes lots of enhancements to help you manage company shares and shareholders. As well as small usability improvements requested by users, the new developments include:


  • Introducing the ability to produce a wider range of documents as part of dividend payments, as well as standalone dividend waivers


  • Small capital payment option for share redemptions and purchases of a company’s own shares, with the ability to create a range of useful minutes and other documents

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  • Documents can be generated for share redemptions and purchases of a company’s own shares out of capital where supported by a solvency statement


  • New and improved documents produced as part of other share reorganisation transactions


  • Pre-populated forms SH11, SH12 and SH13 can now be produced for companies limited by guarantee, ready to be checked and submitted to Companies House for new and updated membership classes


If there’s any other documents you’d like Inform Direct to produce to make it easy to keep on top of share transactions (or anywhere else we can make your life easier!), do get in contact.

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