(Another) Inform Direct product update – May 2018

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The week commencing 21st May will see new functionality added to Inform Direct to enhance support for unlimited companies with share capital and public limited companies.

Following the update to Inform Direct (and an update from Companies House on the 1st June) you will be able to import unlimited companies with share capital into your portfolio using the import process.

Once imported you will be able to use the relevant features of Inform Direct as you would with other company types, this includes actions like appointing directors, filing confirmation statements and receiving reminders about return deadlines.

Manage your company secretarial work in Inform Direct

Inform Direct allows you to manage the company secretarial work of many company types

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For public limited companies you will now be able to see more information about your company on the Company Information screen.


This new data will also be used to highlight suspected discrepancies that we see occur on private limited companies where they are, usually incorrectly, recorded as ‘Trading on a market’ at Companies House.

Where this occurs, when submitting your next confirmation statement, Inform Direct will let you know about this likely incorrect data at Companies House and, with your confirmation, update this information with the confirmation statement submission.


If there are further ways in which we can improve Inform Direct to make your working life easier, do get in touch with us!

Inform Direct makes it easy to submit confirmation statements electronically at the touch of a button.

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