Inform Direct product update – May 2018

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Today we’ve released another update to Inform Direct.

As well as further security enhancements and minor updates, we’ve also added lots of additional template minutes and other documents that users have requested. The additions include several new templates in the following areas:

  • Various additional documents related to share transactions
  • Issue of convertible loan notes
  • Amending or replacing the company’s articles of association
  • Re-registration of a company from a private limited company to a public company (or vice versa)
  • Winding up a company

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Inform Direct produces an enormous range of minutes, resolutions, forms, letters and other documents - all at the touch of a button

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With these additional board minutes, notices, letters and resolutions, there are now over 200 professionally drafted company secretarial templates available, covering an even wider range of scenarios.


Re-registration template
Wind up template

If there are further ways in which we can improve Inform Direct to make your working life easier, do get in touch with us!


Easily produce amazing minutes, resolutions and other documents - all at the touch of a button

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