Inform Direct product update – March 2018

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The development team at Inform Direct are excited to reveal our latest product enhancements…

Making it easier to manage mortgages and charges

As well as maintaining a register of mortgages and charges, a UK company must register any new charges and changes to existing charges with Companies House.

Over 200,000 submissions are added to the public record each year relating to mortgages and charges.

Inform Direct has now been expanded to support our users in managing mortgages:

Easily manage company mortgages

With straightforward processes, compliant templates and regular synchronisation with Companies House, Inform Direct makes it easy to manage a company's mortgages and charges.

Start now

There’s a new tab where, if a company has mortgages, essential details are displayed. You can then explore more details of an individual mortgage.

Mortgages tab

Regular updates from Companies House means that your mortgage records are synchronised with Companies House, so you’ll have access to the present position.

Inform Direct subscribers with their own presenter code can make the required submissions to Companies House electronically, including to:

  • Register a mortgage
  • Satisfy a mortgage (including part-satisfaction)
  • Release a mortgage (including part-release)

As you’d expect from Inform Direct, each process is broken down into simple, bite-sized steps. There’s help available in each process to help you get it right.


Register a mortgage

We’ve made available a range of template documents to help companies when registering or updating charges. If you produce these when completing the associated process, necessary information is pre-populated into the template. They’re also available as separate, standalone template documents.

All the updates you make are reflected in your fully compliant register of mortgages and charges. Where details of historic mortgages are not electronically available from Companies House, you can add the details manually so you have everything in one place.


Mortgages and charges register

We’ll also be expanding our website with a range of useful guides relating to mortgages and charges.


Like the new features or have an idea of what would Inform Direct could do to make your life easier? Then get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

Inform Direct makes it easy to manage a company's charges. A clear picture of the current position is supported by straightforward processes and compliant template documents.

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