Inform Direct product update – March 2017

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Our development team have been busy working on new features…

Share allotments to multiple shareholders

Inform Direct has always provided a free and easy way to record share allotments and file the necessary forms with Companies House.

Now, we’ve made it easier to issue shares to a number of shareholders at the same time – really useful if you’ve done a round of fundraising and want to record allotments to lots of shareholders in a single process.

As well as saving data entry, all of the share allotments will be submitted electronically to Companies House on a single SH01 form, meaning there’s a consolidated record at Companies House.

Issue shares the easy, compliant way with Inform Direct

Companies House forms are submitted electronically, and you can effortlessly produce branded share certificates, board minutes, letters to shareholders and other useful documents.

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Just like a single share allotment in Inform Direct, this new process allows you to generate all the required documentation to support the share allotments, including board minutes and letters to shareholders. You can produce a share certificate for each new holder, with lots of certificate templates available to choose from. A full suite of electronic company registers is updated electronically with details of the new shareholders and the shares issued to them.


Multiple allotment

This new allotment feature is provided free to all new and existing Inform Direct users. Pay As You Go users can choose whether to purchase any additional useful documents or to use premium share certificate templates, while these are all free to users on a monthly subscription.

When you file a share issue with Inform Direct, you can also easily produce lots of useful documents

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