Inform Direct product update – September 2016

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Following hot on the heels of our last software upgrade, we’re now releasing some further exciting enhancements…


More minutes, resolutions and other amazing documents

Our last release introduced minutes and resolutions for a whole host of share processes. Now we’re adding the ability to create exquisite documents for all sorts of other tasks – everything related to managing a company’s details and its officers.

So whether you’re changing the company’s residential address, updating its accounting reference date appointing a company secretary or terminating a director’s appointment, you’ll be able to produce all the documents you need at the touch of a button.

Produce amazing company documents in Inform Direct

Inform Direct produces an enormous range of minutes, resolutions, forms, letters and other documents - all at the touch of a button

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All the minutes, resolutions and other documents you create in Inform Direct are automatically populated with information you’ve already provided, so you’ll save time on entering data and avoid errors in copying information from one place to another. Designed by our team of company secretarial experts, each of our templates looks great as well as being fully compliant.

All the documents you produce are tagged and saved in your personal document library. So you’ll have a full record for each company you manage. Creating compliant minutes, resolutions, forms and letters and then keeping them organised has never been so straightforward.

  • Minutes to change registered office address
  • Consent-to-act-letter
  • Written directors' resolution to appoint a secretary

For Inform Direct subscribers, all these new documents are provided as part of your simple monthly subscription. But it’s not only subscribers who benefit – other users can choose, when completing one of our simple step by step wizards, whether or not you want to buy documents to fulfil your company secretarial responsibilities.

Easily produce amazing minutes, resolutions and other documents in Inform Direct - all at the touch of a button

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