(Another) Inform Direct product update – April 2018

We have another exciting new development to let you know about this month…


Allowing you to complete a share capital reduction

We have now added share capital reductions to the share reorganisation processes that can be carried out in Inform Direct.

This means we now have a fully comprehensive suite of share reorganisation processes that also includes purchase of own shares and share splits, consolidations, conversions, redemptions and cancellations.

Inform Direct will generate prepopulated documents needed to support a share capital reduction including the Companies House form SH19 .

Share capital reduction

Complete a share capital reduction the easy way. Use our step by step wizard to complete a share capital reduction.

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The share capital reduction process, along with other share transactions, can be reached from the share reorganisation option on the share class screen.


Share reorganisation screen

Our process allows you the choice of how the share capital reduction was completed be that by:

  • cancelling share capital no longer supported by assets
  • repaying share capital no longer required
  • reducing the nominal value of a share class where no longer supported by assets
  • waiving the amounts due on unpaid shares that are no longer required

The process will prepare prepopulated supporting documents, including the directors’ compliance statement required under section 644(5) of the Companies Act 2006 and the form SH19 to use when making the necessary Companies House filings.

As for other share reorganisation processes the share capital reduction is broken down into simple, bite-sized steps. Help is also available at each step to assist you in getting it right.

Inform Direct makes it easy to process share transactions

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