Inform Direct product update – April 2018

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Following the well received Mortgages and Charges functionality comes another update adding yet more great features! This update focuses on applying to strike off a company.

This is another benefit we are providing to our subscription users at no additional cost.

Companies House do not accept this filing electronically, but Inform Direct now makes it simple to produce the populated Companies House form that only requires signing and sending. Just don’t forget to include a cheque made out to Companies House.

Strike off a company with our easy process

Inform Direct creates what you need to apply to strike off a company from the Companies Register in a simple process.

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Apply to strike off a company

From the company tab you will be able to launch a new process ‘Dissolve Company’, after a few easy steps it will produce the Companies House form(s). You will have the opportunity to generate a board minute, written resolution, and a covering letter that can be used to inform other parties of the strike off request (as per your duties).


There will be a notification against the company, and an email will be sent, when the company changes status at Companies House. You will be able to see the status of such companies in the portfolio screen to help you keep track of them.

Withdraw the strike off application

If you need to withdraw the application to strike off the company, this has been added too, you will find the ‘withdraw dissolution’ button available on the company tab for companies that are in the strike off process. This is a very simple process that will generate the Companies House form and optional covering letter for notifying any other parties of the withdrawal.

The dissolve company process is free for monthly subscribers. The withdrawal process is free for all users!

Inform Direct makes it simple to apply to strike off a company from the Companies Register by creating the documentation needed in just a few steps.

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