(Another) Inform Direct Product Update – September 2019

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Following the success of the approval process when filing confirmation statement and dormant company accounts – which has been used over 20,000 times already – this update adds:

  • The approval process to the officer, PSC and registered office address processes
  • ‘Pending approval’ email reminders
  • A report listing your outstanding ‘Pending approvals’

This is just one of the many features we continue to develop and release that are included in an Inform Direct subscription.

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Officer and PSC approvals

In the same manner that is hopefully now familiar for confirmation statements, you will now have the option to get approval for officer and PSC processes.

This update has added the approval process to the following actions:

  • Changing a company’s registered office address
  • Appointing a director, secretary or LLP member
  • Terminating a director, secretary or LLP member
  • Changing the service address of a director, secretary or LLP member
  • Adding a PSC, RLE or companywide statement
  • Removing a PSC, RLE or companywide statement
  • Editing a PSC / RLE’s control reasons
  • Changing a PSC’s service address
  • Editing the details of person who is an officer and/or PSC
  • Editing the details of a corporate person who is an officer and/or RLE

For these processes you are now able to generate the documents (board minutes, written resolutions etc.) and save them before sending any information to Companies House. A summary document of the change is also generated for each of the processes, which you can use to seek approval of the details.



A signature block is included for those who like to use electronic signing software to signify agreement of the details.

Once you receive approval of the information is received, you can pick it up from where you left off – just 2 clicks and it’s sent to Companies House.



They're clever

If you need to add someone as a officer and PSC you are able to do this, and get their details approved, while maintaining just one person’s information for that company. While a director appointment is saved ‘Pending approval’ you will be able to select this same person in the ‘Add PSC’ process, which you can also save while seeking approval. Once the details have been confirmed and approved for submission, you just need to submit both of the saved processes. The result will  be just one person record to maintain within Inform Direct for that company.

Where we can, we will warn you when incompatible changes are being made. For example, you will be prevented from completing a saved change of details for a director if, since saving, the director was terminated. Similarly, we will prevent the filing of a confirmation statement while there are changes awaiting approval in that confirmation statement period.

Keeping track of approvals

To help keep track of outstanding approvals you will now be able to receive email alerts and generate a report listing all outstanding approvals within your portfolio (including pending approvals for confirmation statements and dormant company accounts).

The portfolio and company dashboard screens will continue to display the pending approvals for a company too.

Email Alerts

10 days after a change was saved pending approval, if it has not been completed, a reminder will be sent to anyone subscribing to the reminder emails for that company.

A subsequent reminder will be sent after 30 days if the pending approval has still not been completed (or edited and re-saved).

For confirmation statements and company accounts ‘Pending approvals’ these reminders will be sent in addition to the existing filing date email reminders.


The recently added reporting suite has been updated to include a report of the outstanding ‘Pending approvals’ on your portfolio. Just like the other reports in the suite you can filter for certain companies and dates. This can be run from the ‘Documents & Templates’ area of the system.



As we roll this out across more processes in Inform Direct it’s great to hear your feedback, so please do contact us and let us know what works well and what could be improved.

At Inform Direct we are always developing new features and improvements for our customers. Some of our favourite improvements from the past few years can be seen on our software timeline.

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Subscribers can customise their portfolio screen to include additional information, including other filing deadline dates to help them to prioritise and manage their portfolio of companies.

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