Inform Direct product update – September 2019

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Based on requests from our users, we have made some great enhancements to our portfolio screen.  These will allow our subscribers to change their portfolio screen so that it shows the information in the way they want, helping you to manage your practice even more effectively.  You can choose the columns to show including any new fields you have added and decide on the order in which the columns are shown.

We have also added pagination so that users can choose how many companies are included on a page. Customers can always include all companies.

Users will still be able to use the current portfolio page with the same information included.


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Default portfolio screen

Subscribers can now enter whatever information they want in connection with their clients’ companies.  To add custom fields subscribers need to use the new ‘Manage custom fields’ button in the Accounts area.

This means that subscribers can, for example, hold the following in Inform Direct:

  • their own client code
  • the partner responsible
  • next client review date

We have also added in new diary dates for all users for each company’s corporation tax return, corporation tax payment and VAT return due dates. So, as well as the existing confirmation statement and accounts due dates, you’ll now be able better to track your clients’ statutory deadlines.

Custom fields

Once the custom field has been added the information for each company needs to be entered from within each company.  The custom fields will either be text fields or reminder date fields.  The text fields will show under the company administration screen and the reminder date fields under the diary dates screen.


Your settings colour changes


In addition subscribers can set when the colours change from green to amber and then amber to red for all the various reminder due dates so that these are in line with their own standards.  Different diary dates can have different rules for when the colours change.  This includes the new tax diary dates added for all users and any custom date fields that subscribers have added.

This can easily be done by each user from the ‘Your settings’ option under the Your profile area by selecting ‘Change settings’.



When the next due dates for the new diary dates have been entered they will appear on the company dashboard along with the existing confirmation statement and accounts due dates.

These will be colour coded based on the rules set for each diary date shown, highlighting when each needs to be done for that company.

Company dashboard
Portfolio settings suite

The portfolio settings configuration used on the portfolio screen can be changed by selecting ‘Your portfolio settings’ in the Your profile section of Inform Direct.  This allows subscribers to set up their own portfolio screen settings and decide which is used for their portfolio screen. A preview of what the portfolio screen will look like is available when adding or changing a portfolio screen settings configuration.  Subscribers can easily change the view between these depending on what they want to see for the companies in their portfolio.


Subscribers can then include some or all of these fields for the current companies in their portfolio screen, which can also be sorted by these new fields. The due dates chosen to be included will then appear in the chosen colour in the same way as on the company’s dashboard.  Subscribers can even have a suite of portfolio screen settings, including the current Inform Direct default settings, that they can change between for different information requirements.


Due dates portfolio screen

At the same time as this we are restricting the number of companies that Pay As You Go (PAYG) users – those who do not pay a monthly subscription – can have in their portfolio to 20 companies.  Subscribers will continue to have no limit.  PAYG users with more than 20 companies or wanting the enhanced portfolio screen or other subscription only features or will need to subscribe.


Please do let us have any feedback on this or any other features of Inform Direct that would help you with your company secretarial work.

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