Inform Direct product update – October 2019

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The roll out of the approval process across Inform Direct continues! Hot on the heels of our September update which added the approval process to the officer and PSC flows, you can now get approval when:

  • Changing a company name
  • Altering an accounting reference date

The approvals process for officer and PSC approvals has been put to good use, with over 1,000 saved already.

Following this update, the approval process is now available for 95% of the electronic submissions made through our system to Companies House.

Get approval before completing changes

The approval process is exclusively for subscribers of Inform Direct, along with many other benefits

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Change of name and accounting reference date approvals

For these processes you are now able to save them, generate any documents and get approval of them before sending any information to Companies House. A summary document of the change is also generated for each of the processes, which you can use to seek approval of the details.



Keeping track of your outstanding approvals

When these two processes are saved, you will be reminded about them just as you are for others, via:

  • The ‘Pending approval’ column on the portfolio screen
  • The ‘Pending approval’ grid on the company’s dashboard
  • Its inclusion in a ‘Pending approval’ report
  • Email reminders when they have been outstanding for 10 and 30 days

New shareholders’ resolutions

You’ll also notice that the change of company name process now offers two new shareholders’ resolution documents that can be created as part of the process.


Don’t be shy – please do contact us and let us know what works well and what could be improved. This really does help us ensure that future releases benefit you.

At Inform Direct we are always developing new features and improvements for our customers. Some of our favourite improvements from the past few years can be seen on our software timeline.

Continual improvements

We're always adding new features to Inform Direct. Last month we added the ability for you to customise your portfolio screen. This included the ability to define new fields for information you want to capture for each of your companies.


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