Inform Direct product update – January 2020

The approvals process has been used over 40,000 times, and counting. This release adds the approval process to the share allotment, transfer, and dividend voucher generation processes.

Following this release, the approval process is now available for over 99% of the electronic submissions made through our system to Companies House.

Share Allotments

The approval process is now available for all of the different share allotment processes:

  • Single allotment
  • Multi-allotment
  • Bonus allotment
  • Rights issue

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These processes can now be saved, and documents generated (including a new document summarising the details) enabling you to get the details checked before being sent to Companies House.

Once you receive approval of the information you can pick it up from where you left off – just 2 clicks and it’s sent to Companies House.


Share Transfers & Dividend Voucher Generation

Share transfers can now be saved and documents generated, including a new summary document, before they are committed (and the full list of shareholders submitted on the next confirmation statement). The documents generated, including the summary, can be used to get the details approved.

Similarly, when generating dividend vouchers you are able to produce the associated documents (including a new summary document) and save the process.

Once approved both can be completed in a few clicks and the transfer will be committed or the dividend vouchers will be generated for each recipient.

Keeping track of outstanding approvals

You will be able to keep track of these new share approvals in the same way as the existing ones, namely:

  • On the portfolio screen in the ‘Pending Approvals’ column
  • From the company’s dashboard
  • Via the email reminders that will be sent after 10 and 30 days (where not complete or removed).
  • Within the ‘Pending Approvals’ report

All to help make sure you know who you are still awaiting confirmation from.

It’s important to us that we hear your feedback, so please do contact us and let us know what works well and what could be improved.

We are always developing new features and improvements for our customers. Some of our favourite improvements from the past few years can be seen on our software timeline.

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