Inform Direct product update – February

Following quickly after our second January update, our February update contains some great improvements, some of which have been suggested by you, our customers. Some of the highlights being:

  • Submitting filings in prior confirmation statement periods
  • Total shares allotted displayed to aid reconciliations
  • New documents available during incorporations
  • ‘Company incorporated’ as a recent activity
  • and many more…

Filings in completed confirmation statement periods

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You may occasionally need to make a filing for your company that should have been made prior to the last confirmation statement. Now, when you enter a date  prior to the last confirmation statement made up to date you’ll be presented with an option enabling you to continue with the date entered.

Users with ‘administrator’ or ‘manager’ roles are able to proceed by selecting to confirm, and continuing.


Just be aware that, depending on the filing, you may need to refile previous confirmation statements when you do this – especially if it is a share amendment.

Total shares allotted

You can now view totals for the shares allotted to shareholders for any share class. This is very useful if you need to reconcile a share class as it will highlight the discrepancy between the number of shares allotted to shareholders in Inform Direct and the total number of shares in issue.

This can be seen in two places:

  • The bottom of the ‘current shareholders’ section of a share class.
  • Within the main grid of the share classes tab – but only when there is a share class that requires reconciliation.

New incorporation documents

During the incorporation process you are now able to generate:

  • A consent to act letter for each company officer; and
  • A letter to advise HMRC that your company is dormant

Where selected within the incorporation process these will be automatically generated when the company is incorporated and saved into the document library.

‘Company Incorporated’ recent activity

Where Inform Direct is used to incorporate a company it will now be detailed in the company’s recent activity. Especially useful when running the ‘Activity’ report which will now include this activity, as this will enable you to find which companies on your portfolio were incorporated through Inform Direct (as requested by some of our customers).


Other improvements

There are some other smaller improvements throughout the application, like the following:

  • A new ‘View company documents’ action is available from the portfolio screen which will display the documents in the document library for just the selected company.
  • Improvements to the incorporation Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks to help avoid common mistakes when uploading documents and details for the checks.
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