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We’re delighted that our software has been shortlisted at the Accounting Excellence Awards!

Based on the results of thousands of reviews by real users of accountancy software, we’re thrilled – and very grateful – that so many of our users have chosen to vote for Inform Direct to be recognised.


Accounting Excellence Software Awards

Inform Direct CEO Henry Catchpole commented: “It’s a great honour for Inform Direct to be shortlisted at the Accounting Excellence Awards, particularly as it’s the result of real votes by our wonderful customers.”

“It’s a testament to the skill and commitment of our team, who work tirelessly to design great software and help busy accountants get the best from it.”

“Happily, a number of our customers have also received award nominations for the amazing work they do on behalf of their clients. It’s a continuing source of joy and satisfaction that Inform Direct helps accountants to offer such a great service to their clients.”

We’re actively continuing to develop Inform Direct, based on the great ideas we receive from long-standing and new users. As ever, we’re guided by our fivefold commitment that:

  1. Our software will be user-friendly
  2. Our solutions will save you time
  3. Our software will be great value
  4. You’ll always have access to professional support
  5. You’re free to leave at any time with no penalties

Our team are looking forward to the awards ceremony, which takes place on 12 September at The Brewery, London. We’ll look forward to catching up with some of you then.

Good luck to all our clients who are nominated for awards! We’ll keep our fingers crossed for you!


Henry and the Inform Direct Team

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