Inform Direct product update – September 2022

Last month we released a new feature to allow you to upload the members of limited by guarantee companies from a spreadsheet.

This month’s release is a collection of improvements in a few different areas of the system, including some that have been requested by many of you.

Statement of capital inclusion option for confirmation statements

As requested by a number of customers, within the confirmation statement process you are now able to choose to send the confirmation statement to Companies House without the statement of capital being included.

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Confirmation Statement Statement of Capital

Name included in certificate and dividend voucher filenames

Another improvement a number of users have requested is to include the shareholder’s name in the filename of certificates and dividend vouchers. Where the person is a joint shareholder/member, just the name of the first shareholder/member will be included.

This new filename will apply when:

  • Downloading files
  • Looking for documents in the document library
Document Library Image
File Download Image

See the documents for the company you are viewing

Again, requested by quite a few of you, we’ve made it easier to see all of the saved documents for the company you are viewing.

To view them, just select the new action on the company’s dashboard, ‘View company documents’. This will show you all the documents in the document library for just this company.

Company Dashboard

Note that this is in addition to the existing action on the portfolio screen that also behaves in the same way.


New document templates

Responding to requests, we’ve also added lots of new template minutes, shareholder resolutions, letters and other documents to the Template Library. The additions include documents to cover the following scenarios:

  • Formal approval of a company loan to a director or to a person connected to a director
  • Appointment and removal of an alternate director
  • Sole director companies – including amended articles of association and a shareholders’ resolution to ratify the prior decisions of a sole director
  • Execution and release of deeds

With these latest additions, Inform Direct now provides you with over 400 different templates that together support an extensive range of company secretarial transactions.

Letting you know about issues at Companies House

We now highlight if there are any duplicate officers or PSCs on your company. This is the first part of some coming changes about how we notify you of discrepancies and issues with data held at Companies House which are caused by filings completed outside of Inform Direct.

On the ‘Officers’, ‘LLP members’ and ‘PSCs’ tabs, if there is a duplicate entry for a person at Companies House you will be alerted to this, with a link to information about how best to resolve the duplication.

Duplicate Officers

And some others…

As well as the above there are many more improvements in this release:

  • Improvements to some of the reports
  • Full names of officers are now included in the appointment board minutes and consent to act letters
  • Additional help text in some areas of the system
  • Prevention of characters being entered for addresses that Companies House doesn’t allow
  • Improvements to the wording on share certificates
  • Enhanced usability when creating dividends with voucher numbers over 99
  • And even more improvements…

Let us know any feedback you have

We hope that you find these improvements useful, do let us know if so.

You can always let us know about any suggestions you may have for Inform Direct to make it even more useful for you. See the improvements we continually make to Inform Direct on our timeline of updates.

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