Inform Direct product update – June 2022

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This release adds the person and address lookup functions to the add PSC process. This function is now rolled out to all of the mainly used person and address processes of Inform Direct:

  • Incorporations
  • Updating a registered office address
  • Appointing officers
  • Updating service addresses
  • Editing personal details
  • Adding PSCs
  • Share allotments and transfers

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Person lookup when adding a officer

It is most likely that a PSC will already be a person on the company you are adding them to as a PSC. Just as in the officer appointment process, now you can:

  • search & select from existing person records that match the name you are entering
  • use the advanced search for more detailed searches and results
  • create a new record if the person doesn’t exist in your account yet

This helps to make adding a PSC simpler, faster and more accurate.

PSC person lookup

An address lookup for PSC residential and service addresses

You can now search for and select addresses that are already in use on your account when adding a PSC. You can:

  • search and select from ‘previously entered’ addresses on your account
  • enter a postcode and use the ‘Find address’ option
  • manually enter an address
  • select to use ‘Your firm’s office address’ (where one has been set up) for the PSCs service address
PSC service address lookup
PSC residential address lookup

To add an office address for your firm, in the ‘Account’ area, select ‘View offices’ then simply add officers using the ‘Add office’ process.

Please let us know your feedback

Now that we have rolled this feature out to most processes, we are now working on allowing the update of matching addresses within one process.

If you find this feature or others useful, then please do let us know. You can also see our timeline of updates, both past and present.

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