Inform Direct product update – October 2021

We are continuing to enhance your ability to reuse information across your Inform Direct account, so that you can now select existing people and address records from any company you manage when allotting and transferring shares.  This builds on similar, recent additions to the processes of forming a new company, changing a registered office address and changing an individual’s residential address or shareholder contact address.

In addition, based on customer suggestions we have recently made some other changes to:

  • allow all users to date changes before the last confirmation statement date;
  • provide more information about why share transactions cannot be dated before a certain date;
  • provide more details on what you may be able to do to use your preferred date;
  • allow transfers of membership on the date of incorporation for companies limited by guarantee;
  • prevent changes being dated before 1 October 2009, when most elements of the Companies Act 2006 came into force.

Making allotments and transfers easier

Inform Direct allows you to easily select existing people for your allotments and transfers

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Person lookup when allotting or transferring shares

Earlier this year we added the ability to select person records from other companies on your account in the incorporation process. This same function has now been added to the following processes:

  • Share allotments
  • Share transfers
  • Adding members to a company limited by guarantee
  • Transferring memberships

Just as in the incorporation process you are able to:

  • Start entering a name and see the top four matches
  • Click to see more results in the advanced search
  • See more information about the person by selecting the ‘i’ information button

Additional features

For the person lookup you’ll also see some new features to help you find and select the right person as a shareholder or member, namely:

  • Results will be displayed even when no name is typed, suggesting the people used on this company already
  • A green person icon in the initial results grid to show that the person is used on this company
  • A ‘Used on this company’ tag in the advanced search to indicate that the person is used on this company
  • Prioritisation of results in favour of people already holding shares in the company
  • In the advanced search you can filter for just shareholders (or members) and for persons used on this company already

Looking up an address

Just like when completing shareholder contact address information in the edit personal details process, now when entering a shareholder contact address in these share and member processes you will be able to select addresses from other companies on your account in the same way.



Dating changes before the last confirmation statement date

Subscribers with ‘administrator’ or ‘manager’ roles are already able to enter a date prior to the last confirmation statement made up to date when processing changes.  Following user suggestions, we’re now extending this functionality to all users with edit access.  This means that ‘practitioners’ can now process transactions dated before the last confirmation statement date.


last confirmation statement date override with help text

We have enhanced the text to make it clearer where a statement of capital is being included that this will be the current position and not necessarily that at the date of the transaction so any pdf generated may need to be amended.

You will still need to confirm that you want to use the date entered.  By doing so you are also acknowledging that you may need to refile certain information already sent to Companies House.

Enhanced error messages for share transactions


We have improved the error messages displayed to explain why a date entered is unable to be used and what action you may be able to take to then use the required date.

It could be that the date is before the earliest share transaction recorded so that the system shows that there are no shares at the chosen date.  If appropriate, you can then amend the date(s) of certain share transactions so that they are dated on or before the chosen date.

Alternatively, it could be that more recent transactions mean that the chosen date cannot be used for the transaction.

Help text where date before last share transaction Help text where no holdings at chosen date

Transferring membership on date of incorporation

You can now transfer a person’s membership of a company limited by guarantee on the company’s date of incorporation.

Prevent changes being dated before 1 October 2009

Inform Direct is designed to either submit or generate forms under the Companies Act 2006.  These forms can only be used for transactions from the Act’s effective date of 1 October 2009.


Please do let us have any feedback on this or any other features of Inform Direct and any enhancements that would help you with your company secretarial work.

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