(Another) Inform Direct product update – May 2021

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Following the introduction of new dividend templates, we’ve completed a second Inform Direct update in May.

The primary focus of this one is the portfolio screen’s check alerts feature – which have now been divided up to show the different priorities of the alerts.

You will also notice a few other changes including the new help widget which has replaced the support widget.

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Check alerts

The portfolio’s check alerts have been separated into three different levels of prioritisation:

  • Red – The most urgent: these should be dealt with as soon as possible. They will remain until dealt with
  • Amber – These highlight something you should look at – like upcoming deadlines – these will display for 30 days
  • Green – These are just for information, e.g. Companies House accepting a filing. These will display for 7 days

The sort order of the check alerts column has also been updated to order by this priority (descending) when selecting to sort by this column.

Portfolio sorting

Some other improvements to sorting have also been added.

Secondary sorting – each time you sort a column on the portfolio screen the prior sort order is maintained. For example if you would like to sort by ‘Confirmation statement due date’ and then ‘Check alerts’ then you just need to select them in reverse order, so ‘Check alerts’ and then ‘Confirmation statement due date’.

Accounting reference date sorting – This column will now sort as a date when selected for ordering.

Pending approval sorting – This column will now sort with the pending approvals at the top when selected for ordering.

Support widget

We have a new and improved support widget, now located next to the ‘Chat’ widget. This ‘Help’ widget has replaced the existing support widget and provides access to our many excellent guides on how to use Inform Direct and an easy way to contact us.

This is available along with the ‘Chat’ button throughout the entire system.


Other improvements

There are some other smaller improvements also included in this release that you may notice, such as a way to remove account and company logos, a new validation to prevent incorporation registered office locations not matching their registration location, and more…


What else can we do?

Many of our recent changes have come from user suggestions, so please keep them coming.


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