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As we enter a new year, this first release of 2021 is an exciting one!

We are pleased to announce that we have now extended our company accounts functionality to include the preparation and filing of fully compliant micro-entity accounts with Companies House.

As you would expect of Inform Direct, we’ve applied our simple step by step approach to the process, streamlining the task to save you time and help you work more efficiently.

You can prepare and file micro-entity accounts for just £35+VAT. Or as an Inform Direct monthly subscriber it’s yet another benefit you receive, at no extra cost, as part of your subscription.


Prepare and file micro-entity accounts

Inform Direct makes it easy to prepare compliant micro-entity accounts and file them with Companies House

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Micro-entity accounts

Can I file micro-entity accounts using Inform Direct?

Inform Direct can help you prepare audit exempt micro-entity accounts if your company is a private company limited by shares, registered in England and Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland and with no more than five share classes.

We start the process by guiding you through a series of checks to help you confirm that your company meets the statutory company size and eligibility criteria.

A simple process with help at every step

Inform Direct reduces the task of preparing micro-entity accounts into a series of easy steps and if you are less familiar with preparing this type of accounts, there is help available to support every field.


balance sheet


  • Inbuilt checks at every step help you avoid the most common mistakes.
  • The balance sheet date is automatically calculated.
  • The correct balance sheet statements are always included.
  • Your accounts are always presented in a compliant format.

Only file the required pages

Inform Direct intuitively takes advantage of the provisions set out in section 444 of the Companies Act 2006 and only files the required pages with Companies House. The required pages are:

  • Cover page – disclosing the company name and registration number
  • Balance sheet
  • Balance sheet footnotes and required statements

This approach ensures that the minimum details are made available on the public record.

Tailor the accounts for presentation to shareholders

You can choose to include more detail in the micro-entity accounts that you prepare for shareholders and other stakeholders in the company.

Choose to include any, or all, of the following additional pages:

  • Contents page
  • Company information page
  • Directors’ report
  • Accountants’ report
  • Profit and loss account


micro entity accounts additional pages

Prepare draft accounts for approval

As you progress through our streamlined micro-entity accounts wizard, all the details you enter are automatically saved. You can generate draft accounts for approval and return to the saved details as many times as you like to make any necessary edits.

Once the accounts are finalised and approved, electronically submit the required pages to Companies House and create final accounts for distribution to shareholders.

Summary of all the accounts details

A document containing all the details of the accounts is automatically saved to your Document Library. Use this document to easily check the accounts details you have entered, or to ask your client to check the details and to sign to confirm they are correct, before you complete and file the accounts.


accounts balance sheet

Watermarked documents

Subscribers can choose to produce micro-entity accounts stamped with a watermark. Select from any of the following suite of watermarks:

  • ‘Draft’
  • ‘Client Copy’
  • ‘File Copy’
  • ‘For Approval’


client copy of accounts

Produce supporting documents

A template board minute and resolution are available at the end of the process, pre-populated with the information you entered during the wizard. You can use this to record the board or director’s approval of the accounts.

Your company accounts are created in both .pdf format and IXBRL tagged versions  and of course, every document produced in the process is automatically saved to your Document Library.


Let us know what you think

Please do contact us and let us know what you think. We are excited to be expanding the availability of accounts filing in Inform Direct and we are always looking for ways to improve.

Receiving feedback from you is a vital part of the process and one that we cherish, so please get in touch.

Inform Direct makes it quick and easy to maintain statutory registers, manage company records and submit filings to Companies House at the touch of a button.

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