Inform Direct product update – April 2021

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Last month we added the ability to generate share option certificates. This month we are improving a few existing areas of the system, some of which were requested by our users – thank you for sending in your suggestions.

As with this type of update there are:

  • individual process changes
  • useful improvements for users (often from user feedback)
  • performance improvements

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Invalid authentication codes

A company may change its authentication code. Where this occurs, and the authentication code stored in Inform Direct no longer matches the new code at Companies House, we’ll raise an alert for the company in Inform Direct to let you know.

When this occurs for a company, Inform Direct will:

  • Raise a ‘Check alert’ for the company on the portfolio screen
  • Shown an alert on the company’s dashboard
  • Email a notification to let you know

Until the authentication code is updated in Inform Direct submissions will be rejected by Companies House: this is why we’ve built this process so you’re informed as soon as it’s discovered.

Invalid Auth Code

Other improvements

Some other improvements that have been made in this update:

  • Variety of small enhancements to the micro-entity accounts process following user feedback
  • Performance improvements for the confirmation statement process
  • Performance improvement when opening the Company tab
  • Clarification of system area to now be named ‘Documents & Reports’

Let us know what would help you

We are constantly working to improve Inform Direct and your feedback is an important element. Please contact us and let us know any features or changes that would help with your company secretarial work.

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