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Continuing from the release earlier this month which allowed existing address and person records to be selected within a new company formation, you can now lookup an existing address used elsewhere on your account when changing a registered office address.

As we mentioned with the previous release, we’ll be rolling this functionality out across the system and – as promised – here is the added to the next process in that rollout.

Don’t worry: we aren’t stopping here. Over the coming months you’ll see this roll out to other processes in the system alongside adding in some other great new features.

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Changing a company’s registered office address


Within the ‘Edit company details’ process, you’ll now see that when updating the company’s registered office address you are able to select either:

  • A previously entered address
  • Your firm’s office address

These options behave exactly as they do when forming a new company.

Note that you’ll only see the option to choose your firm’s office address if you have set this up. To set one up just go to your ‘Account’ area, select ‘View offices’ then simply use ‘Add office’ to add your office address.



When searching for an address here you’ll notice the following elements to aid your selection:

  • There is a ‘tag’ on addresses already used on this company to help you find the right address
  • You can also use the filters to only return those addresses used on this company already
  • Addresses already used on this company will be more likely to be near the top of the address results

Let us know what you think

We hope that you are already finding this new feature useful: do let us know if you are!

If you have suggestions about this, or anything else that would be useful for you, then please do let us know. You can also check out our timeline of updates, past and present.

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