Inform Direct product update – March 2022

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You may be aware of the Payment Services Regulations requirement for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) when paying online, and that this will be enforced on March 14th 2022. You may also have heard this referred to as 3DS version 2 (3DSv2 for short).

This is a change in the way the online payment industry checks information when a new credit/debit card is entered for a payment online.

Where previously you might have been asked to enter the card details and then some letters of a secure password you have with your card provider, you’ll now either:

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  • Not be required to provide any further information because your card supplier knows you have used the device you are on for payments on this card before, or
  • Be asked for further authentication, often by entering a code either sent to you from your card provider by text message or an online banking app message

As part of meeting these requirements we have updated our online payment provider to Stripe. They are a very large and reputable supplier for online payments all around the globe.

Do you need to do anything? – No

Any cards already entered into the system will continue to have any payments collected from the by our existing online payment provider. You do not need to re-enter your card details.

The next time you enter a new card, you will now see a slightly different screen to do this, and when added, payments from then on will be taken on the card entered using our new payment provider, Stripe.


What does this change mean?

All good things:

  • We are supporting 3DSv2 which make card payments more secure
  • More card types are now accepted for payment, including American Express (Amex)
  • Stripe’s online payment integration has improved security
  • Stripe are a much larger online payment provider with 99.999% availability – meaning you are unlikely to encounter issues when trying to make a payment

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