(Another) Inform Direct product update – October 2021

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This is the second update in October, following some great improvements released last week.

This release continues the rollout of being able to select address records across companies in your account.

This has now been added when:

  • Editing a director service address
  • Editing a secretary service address
  • Editing a member service address – for LLP members
  • Editing a PSC service address


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Editing a service address

Now when you edit a service address you will be able to see the current service address and then choose from the following options:

  • Select the company’s registered office address as the new service address
  • Find another address to use as the service address, which could be:
    • Your firm’s office address (If one has been set up on your account)
    • A previously entered address – this could be an address already used on this company/person or an address from another company altogether
  • Enter a new address


Other improvements

This updates also includes some other improvements, including a performance improvement when searching person records to select from when adding a person to a company.


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