(Another) Inform Direct product update – April 2023

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This second product release in April by Inform Direct allows subscribers to include their custom fields in our comprehensive suite of reports bringing together two useful elements of Inform Direct.

Both this and the automation of the generation of confirmation statement approval documents have taken on board feedback we have received from subscribers on improvements that they would like to see to help them manage their client portfolios.


Including custom fields in reports

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When a report is generated custom fields can be included.  These appear after the company registered number:

Filing due dates report with custom fields


Back in 2019 we launched our suite of reports and have been adding to and improving them ever since.  There are now 30 different reports that can be generated including:


  • filing due dates for client companies
  • registered office addresses for client companies
  • all the persons connected with client companies
  • current shareholders of client companies
  • dividends paid by client companies

This comprehensive suite of reports gives subscribers the tools to look across their portfolio. The reports can be accessed from the reports tab under ‘Documents & Reports’

To date subscribers have been able to customise these reports to only include selected companies or, for certain reports, to only include details in set date ranges.

Custom fields

Also back in 2019 we introduced custom fields to allow subscribers to add the information they need to manage their client portfolio.

Custom fields allow subscribers to add, for example:

  • their own client code
  • the partner responsible
  • next client review date

Where subscribers have a large number of companies in their portfolio we can help to bulk upload their custom fields.

Custom fields

Adding custom fields to reports

Now subscribers can further customise the generated reports to include any custom fields they have set up for their client companies to allow the reports to be sorted by client reference, partner, etc.


Generate report and custom fields

You can also change your settings to always include all custom fields where appropriate in the reports you generate allowing you to quickly generate each required report.

Let us know any feedback you have

Please do let us have any feedback on this or any other features of Inform Direct and any enhancements that would help you with your company secretarial work.

We continually make improvements to Inform Direct, which you can see on our timeline of updates.

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