Inform Direct product update – February 2023

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A couple of times a year we focus a product update on some smaller improvements and resolutions – this is one of those releases!

It was just a few weeks ago that we added the ability for micro entity accounts to be created and filed for companies limited by guarantee, within Inform Direct.

This release contains many improvements but the highlight for many will be the new permission setting that will allow managers and practitioners to view company authentication codes.

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Permission to view a company’s authentication code

It is now possible for managers and practitioners on your Inform Direct account to view the Companies House authentication code for the companies they have access to.

When you add a new user that is a manager or practitioner you will now get the option to choose if you would like them to have access to this information for their companies.

For any existing managers and practitioners, you can edit this permission from the ‘Edit user access’ option for a user in ‘Manage users’.


Other enhancements in this release

Here are some of the other improvements in this release:

  • The allotment process will no longer default to the first share class if the company has multiple share classes
  • PSCs registers now display the date of birth for ceased PSCs
  • Improvements to:
    • The addresses displayed in dividend vouchers
    • Validations on the balance sheet date that can be used when filing accounts
    • Membership certificates (specifically the date a person became a member)
    • The validations in the confirmation statement process for companies that have PSCs that are government bodies
    • The handling of ‘Previous names’ of officers, both:
      • When previous names are created
      • How they are populated when an existing person (with previous names) is selected from a lookup
  • … and some more minor changes in other areas of the system

Let us know any feedback you have

We hope these improvements are useful. If you have any suggestions about how Inform Direct can be even more useful for you, please let us know.

See the improvements we continually make to Inform Direct on our timeline of updates.

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