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Below is a list of all the features and extras that make up various packages for a Limited Liability Partnership.

The items listed below are all the great features available, different combinations of them make up a particular company formation package. Learn more about each one by clicking the “find out more” button.

Which company type is best for your company?

Private Company Limited by Shares

By far the most popular type of company formation, a private company limited by shares offers its owners limited liability. The company is owned by one or more shareholders who hold its shares. It can operate with one or more directors and there’s no need to appoint a company secretary.

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Limited Liability Partnership

A limited liability partnership can be ideal if you want to combine the protection offered by limited liability with the flexibility of a traditional partnership. Although used by some other businesses, it’s most often used by professionals (like accountants, solicitors and architects) and consultants.

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Private Company Limited by Guarantee

Instead of shareholders, a company limited by guarantee has members who undertake to contribute an amount of money if the business is wound up. This is usually a great choice for not-for-profit organisations, like clubs and associations. It’s not suitable for charities or profit-making businesses.

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Public Limited Company

Far less common than a private company limited by shares, a public limited company (or plc) is the only type of UK company permitted to offer its shares to the public. In return, it must be formed with at least a minimum amount of share capital and fulfil a number of strict legal obligations.

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