Inform Direct product update – January 2024

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Last year we made a series of releases that added more and more automation to the confirmation statement process:

This release extends on this by adding the ability for you to define your own email to be used when automating the sending of the confirmation statement approval document.

There are many benefits to subscribing

Confirmation statement automation is exclusive to subscribers of the software. This is just one of many benefits of an Inform Direct subscription.

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Managing your email templates

From the ‘Account’ area of the system you can now view, add and edit email templates using the ‘Manage email templates’ action. You’ll see that ‘out of the box’ you’ll have one set up for you already.


Managing email templates

You can define the contents of the email that will be sent along with the confirmation statement approval document (as an attachment). This includes the ability to include some dynamic fields like the company’s name and where the email sender’s ‘signature’ should appear by using the syntax provided for them in the screen (e.g. {{CompanyName}}).


Add email template

Once you have added/amended the email you can use the ‘Send test email’ action to send a test of it so you can see what it will look like to the recipient (e.g. in Outlook or Gmail etc.). Once you are happy with it you can save it.

Using the email template

Once you have set up an email template that you want to use you can select it within the workflow that you would like to use it in (editing an existing workflow or adding a new one as needed).


Linking an email template to a workflow

If you would like to use different emails for different sets of companies, then simply create multiple workflows (one for each email template) and then link the different workflows to the respective companies.

Still more to come …

We are not finished on automation so keep an eye out for future updates and get in touch to let us know of anything else you would find useful.

Please let us know your feedback

Do let us know if you are finding this new feature useful, along with any other feature recommendations that would improve Inform Direct for you.

Our timeline of updates is a great record of our commitment to improving Inform Direct, past, present and future.

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