Inform Direct product update – December 2023

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We’ve been very busy last month with three releases:

And this release is a double!

  • Approvals are now available on changes dated in a prior confirmation statement period
  • Companies imported with unpaid shares now have the amounts attributed to shareholders.

There are many benefits to subscribing

Confirmation statement automation is exclusive to subscribers of the software. This is just one of many benefits of an Inform Direct subscription.

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Approvals on changes in prior confirmation statement periods

When a change is made in a confirmation statement period that had already been confirmed (e.g. officer appointment, change of personal details etc.), as a subscriber to the software, you will now be presented with the option to save the change for approval.

This will generate the approval PDF document and save the change. It can then be sent to Companies House once confirmed.


Approval Step

Just like any other approval, this can be edited or continued at a later date. You’ll see it on your portfolio screen and you’ll get reminders for it.

Importing companies with unpaid shares

Companies House does not request or hold data about unpaid shares at a granular enough level:

  • It isn’t provided as an amount per share class (or even per shareholder)
  • The paid share amount is not provided at all.

Therefore when you import a company into Inform Direct there is not enough information to complete the unpaid amounts per share and attribute those unpaid amounts to the respective shareholders.

However, we can help to set these up with a good idea of these values in certain circumstances, which will likely be correct. Where we can, this information is now completed during import of a company.

The result is that a large majority (over 90%) of companies now imported with unpaid shares will have their unpaid per share amounts and unpaid amount attribution to shareholders completed for you. You can then review these and amend if needed.

Please let us know your feedback

We hope you find both of these improvements helpful, do let us know if so, along with any other feature recommendations that would improve Inform Direct for you.

Our timeline of updates shows our commitment to improving Inform Direct.

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